The Masterplan

In the 450,000 sq ft (GIA) initial part of Phase One, 20 Type A buildings will line both the dockside and the high street. These office buildings have their own street access point and are specifically designed to accommodate corporate HQ offices. To add to their attraction, these buildings are available on a long-term basis for both ownership and for long lease occupation.

Also included in this initial part of Phase One is a much larger, modern office building of 155,000 sq ft (GIA), that will stand in a prime location at the intersection of the International Business High Street and the Central Square. This will offer the availability of both single or multi-occupation to corporations from both the UK and abroad.

To complete Phase One, and ensure the economic and efficient operation of the entire site from the outset,  a State of the Art Commercial Service Centre will provide all of its energy, heating and cooling requirements. Also included within its 400,000 sq ft (GIA) is car and cycle parking plus the Estate Management facilities and local transport management offices.

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